Now Available at our store, HIKARI (LED) TATAMI at RIN Road

Introducing the HIKARI-LED Tatami. We have re-invented the traditional Japanese Tatami, but kept the same basic form and function of the traditional Tatami with a modern touch. Each and every Tatami is carefully made and crafted by hand in our shop in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture Japan using natural locally grown Japanese Rush Grass.

We have a large assortment and variety of Tatami covering all moods and settings ranging fromrelaxation to entertainment.

Colour Variation.

• Our Tatami are available in a nice variety of colours that retain the original feel of the traditional Tatami.

• When the LED is turned off the Tatami look amazingly like a traditional Tatami, owing to the use of traditional Tatami materials and construction techniques.

The Function as Floor Materials

 Special size requirements may be ordered to fit your design area or space. (Please contact for additional information)

Strength tested. One standardized LED Tatami can bear weights up to 750 kg and is resistant to impacts from heavy objects.

Water spills are no problem when wiped off without delay using a dry towel, thus preventing stains from occurring.

Surface strength and abrasion resistance are improved over the traditional Tatami, thereby retaining the original beauty and condition for a long time.

•These Tatami offer even more cushioning/shock absorption than a traditional Tatami while retaining their strength.

•Made using the best quality Japanese Rush Grass from Kumamoto Prefecture on the southernmost mainland island of Kyushu, these Tatami retain the traditional Tatami fragrance. Surface replacement materials are available and maintenance is provided for customers located in Japan.

•LED Tatami use is recommended in all room and lighting conditions, with the most dramatic affects being experienced in slightly darker areas, which fully accentuate the beauty of the LED light.

•Use of a separate electrical circuit is recommended for the LED Tatami.

•The LED Tatami can be installed by a qualified electrician. Perfect for those building a house and having the Tatami set up through a wall outlet switch.

•The LED Tatami is both eco-friendly and lasts a long time.

•The Tatami comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


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