Kimono Dresses (100% vintage Kyoto silk)

There are Three Types of Dresses. The A Line, Mini Skirt & The Mermaid Line

Our A Line and Mermaid Line of Kimono Dress’ of our company are officially registered and patented thereby other companies cannot copy and reproduce this dress line.


Three sizes are possible by the lace-up style on the back. (patented design)

Size adjustment is easy and will fit your body type. The original dress manufacture method was cultivated in Europe and is used for our kimono dress. The dress is highly popular due to how well it looks while worn.


A new roll of fabric is by no means cheap.

If it is a Nishijin brocade of Kyoto or Yuzen, it is common that the cost of it is 500,000 yen or more, and an artist’s work should be millions of yen.

So if a new roll of fabric was brought in and it has been made into a dress, the cost must be a very high price.

In our company, genuine articles and good quality kimonos are perceived from years of experience through an original purchase route, and sell for a reasonable price.

Moreover, a poor roll is never used as we only offer the highest quality of products.

The cloth of all of our kimono dresses are of vintage kimonos.

About our products

Although the ability to change size is included in the price, an additional fee may apply depending if one needs to order a custom size.

Feel free to ask for details.

*Note: These are all original goods that can’t be found or purchased anywhere else in the world.

*If you can’t find the pattern you like, we can substitute colour and design to create a custom kimono dress for you. Please tell us the color, pattern, etc you want.


All dresses shown are the Mermaid Line.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 8.18.59 PM

*A Line dress

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*Mermaid Line

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