Website Re-work. The Premium Beer Glass. From Arita, Japan.


Premium Beer Glass / 有田焼匠の蔵プレミアムビアグラス

Here is our ‘Premium Beer Glass Series’ Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection) –

We are NOW OPEN ! ! ! “17.04.2011”

We hope you enjoy! Find us here:   We will be constantly updating and adding more products in the near future.


RIN Road was created in 2010 and consists of a small team of three. Our physical location is on a beautiful island chain known as Amakusa in Southern Japan stretching off the West Coast of mainland Kyushu in Kumamoto Prefecture. Our team possesses a wide array of individual skills and experiences that we have brought together in the creation of our shop. Feel free to ask us questions on any of our products or simply tell us what you would like to see in our store, if we don’t  have exactly what you are seeking. Japan is a small country; however, what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in a variety of unique, well crafted & one of a kind goods. We want to stray well from the beaten path in terms of what is offered elsewhere, bringing to you an assortment of cool, Japanese goods.

It seems that ever more of today’s youth are moving from the countryside to the city in pursuit of employment with large corporations and the corresponding financial security. As Japan’s aging population moves on so will its ancient practices and its skillful arts. As a result, the arts are becoming increasingly scarce in Japan and their future is in danger as skillful generations of artisans have fewer and fewer pupils to whom they can pass on their skills. However, there are some very talented youth entering the arts, starting a new way forward while also continuing on with the traditions from generations past. They need our support, so we want to share their works with the world. Without them Japan would lose its way, for this is predominantly what the world has come to know and love about Japan.

We aren’t about being trendy; we are about following the trends set hundreds of years ago that are still very much in play today. Some things have changed over time but others haven’t, which is a real testament to the style and quality of Japanese products and craftsmanship. Many of the things we offer are from small, local businesses, specializing in what they have been doing for generations. We love what they do and we hope you will too!

Our Team: Setsuko, Shigeru & Ian.