Another Re-work. – The Square Dinner Plate from Arita, Japan. Food is an art, FRAME IT.


Website Re-work. The Premium Beer Glass. From Arita, Japan.

Website Re-work. The Premium Shouchu Glass. From Arita, Japan.

Square Dinner Plate / 有田焼スクエア・ディナープレート

Here is our ‘Square Dinner Plate Series’ –

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Premium Beer Glass / 有田焼匠の蔵プレミアムビアグラス

Here is our ‘Premium Beer Glass Series’ Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection) –

Premium Shouchu Glasses / 有田焼匠の蔵至高の焼酎グラス

Here is our ‘Premium Shouchu Glass Series’ Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection) –